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Educators Professional Development lists professional growth opportunities, for teachers and supervisors, from around the world. We regularly update our listing of conferences and our editorial board approves each listing for display. Nevertheless, EPD and its employees, managers and owners take no responsibility for the content on other websites. For further information contact us at

Our Connection to Educators

Once upon a time, in a place that was not too far from our own earth, there were teachers and administrators, educators of all description. Their intent was to help young souls learn and grow in a hundred positive ways.

Despite certain difficulties and challenges, they did this without complaint and they constantly searched for the difference that, if applied, would improve upon their already effective ways.

One was heard to say, “I am seeking a method whereby this idea can be understood more readily.” Another would add, “I have heard of a place in a distant land where people came together to learn about this exact thing but by the time I knew of this opportunity it had passed.”

In this world, the educators would search on the net and read in journals and in this way find out about this conference or that meeting. However, it was often only by good luck that they discovered it. In many cases, they chose to go to the same gatherings that they had attended in previous years only because of the difficulties in discovering the workshops that were right for them.

Then one evening a couple of these educators were sitting around a table enjoying a beverage when one said to the other, “what if people didn’t have to spend hours upon hours searching for just the right conference? What if there were a single location where people could quickly find out about hundreds and hundreds of events that happen throughout the year? They could find the exact thing they were looking for and while attending and learning also visit the interesting locations that surround us in this wonderful world.”

With that idea and much laborious investigation, we created Educators Professional Development.

Educators Professional Development
Displaying the best workshops and conferences from around the world
EDITORS – Randal Kaneen and Terry Edwards

Educators Professional Development Editorial Policy

Educators Professional Development Mission Statement

Educators Professional Development (EPD) is a website committed to promoting and advancing the knowledge of best educational practice. EPD displays the best quality conferences and workshops that can be found from either submissions or from searching the world wide web. EPD strives to be inclusive in scope, providing links to workshops and conferences of significance to teachers from the early years to senior matriculation. Innovative and provocative workshops informed by diverse orientations is encouraged provided the workshops are deemed by our editorial board to be of value to all teachers of that age group. EPD aims to provide an inclusive and comprehensive list of educational opportunities for educators from around the world. The audience includes early childhood educators, schoolteachers, administrators, counsellors who work with school age children and continuing education practitioners.

General Guidelines for Contributors

Educators Professional Development is committed to the dissemination of valuable workshops and conferences for teachers. Three criteria are used in the review and selection process. First, the workshop or conference must advance knowledge and practice. Second, all material must be accurate and technically correct. Finally, the website advertising the conference or workshop must be well crafted and well written

To submit your conference or workshops for approval please go to and submit your conference.

Our editorial team does their very best but EPD can not and will not take responsibility in any shape or form for the actual quality of a conference or workshop. Our editorial opinion is solely formed from the information provided by the organizer on their website.

Any website that does not appear on EPD is no reflection on the quality of that website, conference or individual. However, our editorial team reserve the right to refuse to post any conference for any reason. All aspects of this policy are still subject to our stated privacy policy.

Please contact us here for further information and clarification.


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February 24 - 26, 2012
Sacramento, California, United States of America

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